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Good evening. My name is Nerd-o-rama, and this is my second attempt at a Let's Play of a game in Banpresto's long-running Super Robot Wars series. This post is an index of the LP so far: to go to a page, just click the links.

LP Information (read first)
Part 0: Aim for the Top
Part 0.5: Character Select
Part 1: Super Robot High
Part 2: MAZIN GO! Okay Mazin Stop
Part 3: OPEN GET!
Part 4: Neo Neue Shin Zeon Zwei
Part 5: A Floating Octopus!
Part 6: Crossover
Okay, I'm going to stop pretending that this isn't a thing that's happening.

I recently finished the incredibly pop cultural webcomic Homestuck and I want to run a tabletop game on roll20 in a similar setting. Now just as a disclaimed before we get started, this is going to take concepts and structures from the Homestuck multiverse - Sburb and its whole deal, mainly - but will not have any particular connection to the story or characters within that comic. References, yes. All the references? No. All of them? Still no. Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff? Well yes that's a multiversal constant.

I'm also probably going to ignore someone's headcanons. Sorry. I completely ignored this fandom while it was actually active so I'm just plain not aware of some stuff, like apparently some people thought the Condesce was unkillable? When did that ever get established and why are there multiple fancomic grimdark AUs built around that premise? Long-lived is not the same thing as immortal, Jegus. Unless I missed something in-comic but also fair warning: I do that sometimes and I don't generally care. Update upon further research into Doc Scratch's troll fanfiction immortality until services rendered to Lord English is complete is stated for the Handmaid and implicitly transferred to the Condesce but frankly even if he wasn't circumstantial-simultaneously wiped out he had no interest in keeping her alive beyond the point where the B2 session was completed given her entire plan after that point was "flip English the double bird and make a new empire" full of shitty trolls he'd just have to double-kill again. But I digress.


So yeah just don't expect what you'd expect from a long time fan OR from the actual comic and let's just wing this crap like proper fantasyscape conjurers.

Lengthy preamble that I hope Homestuck fans are used to aside this is an Interest Check for playing out Sburban adventures on a virtual tabletop with our own original characters (I know, I know, please cleanse your mind of previous fandom connotations, I promise it's normal.) Here's the details.

Medium: online tabletop. An account is required to play, but it's free.
System: Valor: The Heroic Roleplaying System, by Austin "BeholdTheVoid" MacKenzie and Alan "ProfessorProf" Gordon. There'll be some Houserules that I'm still formulating, which I'll go over the basics of later. If you don't know Valor, you're absolutely welcome to play. Once you get a nice auto-calculating character sheet (which Roll20 has, coded up by Prof himself), it's a very newbie-friendly system.
Setting: For those of you who don't know Homestuck, the basis of the story is about four internet friends who want to play a computer game. The game, Sburb, has serious real world consequences and draws the players into its own fantasy-esque setting, and also time and causality kind of stop having any linear meaning. At all. I'll leave the details out so anyone new to the concept can be pleasantly surprised.

Starting Date: I'm going to percolate this for a while so let's say, I dunno, the second or third week of June? Two months sounds good.

What I need from you guys: I'm looking for four players, no more and no less. In a normal RPG I could take one or two more but I'm going to try to do what the comic does and really focus on personal plots so 4's the cap.

Your name: >Avoid interrogatives about specific douchebags
Availability: Let me know what times and days of the week you're available to play the game. Currently, I'm only available after 7 pm Central Time on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and after 8 pm on Wednesdays. Friday and Saturday I could swing but...I'm married. Do you know how hard it is to go on a date with your wife when you have a kid?
Character Concept: This will preferably include a Name, a Personality (bullet points or a paragraph is fine), and Interests (books, movies, hobbies, the kind of stuff DW asks you about when you make an account and no one ever fills in). The interests can be pretty wide - this Earth is like our Earth, but with the occasional wacky science fiction you surely expect from a webcomic about gamers by now. If you want to be an expert on teleporters or whatever, go for it. Generally speaking, characters should be somewhere in the emotional maturity state of adolescence - if we were emulating canon they'd all be 13 (or maybe 16), but we're not, and the exact number is less important than the perpetual feeling of existential angst.

Also, if you know Homestuck and have any preferences for Class or Aspect let me know and I'll take them under advisement (no guarantees, things may be changed to suit the plot), and if you know Valor and have an idea of how you want to build your character mechanically you can mention it. If you don't know either of these things, don't worry about it. We'll work stuff out later.
Anything in particular you want included in this game? Homestuck is a huge, sprawling, and poorly-canonically-developed setting. Like Star Wars. Anything in particular you want to see in the game goes here. I'm expecting at least several people to answer "trolls", and don't worry, I've got plans for those guys. If anyone's interested in playing one, let me know.
Questions: I'm not so great at organizing my thoughts or anticipating things, so please ask me any
A cute animal: Post gifs. You're going to anyway.

Anyway, that's about it.

Wait shit I should have planned this in Fate, I could have made an 8 pun. Dammit.
This is just a temporary notice for anyone tracking my journal that Part 3 of Let's Play Super Robot Wars Alpha is up and over here. I realized when I converted it from private to public there may not have been a notification, so this new post is for the purposes of triggering that notif.

This post will be deleted in three days because it contains no content. Head on over to the linked post for the Let's Play.
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