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Let's Play Super Robot Wars Alpha: OPEN GET!

I had a lot of screencaps for this that I ended up labeling and uploading but not using because they were boring. If you'd like to see them you can try to figure out if my album is public or not, I don't even know.

Mission 3: Getter Team, Launch!

In case anyone forgot what happened last time, some terrible cross between Hermann Goering and the Headless Horseman tried to assault an energy research lab in Japan with giant robots and was stopped by a giant metal woman with boob missiles, a useless scrap pile, and most definitely not Mazinger Z.

We also picked up some swag. This is a repair kit, which can be consumed to fully repair the unit it's equipped to. I put it on...

Mazinger Z! Which I'll actually get to use despite skipping its debut for a Skill Point. Hence why I'm giving it the same energy upgrades I gave Grungust last time.

As a warning, Mazinger Z is not a unit that will continue being useful all game in this particular Super Robot War. However, you get enough cash here that you can afford to spend it on things you're going to use heavily early on - at least on cheap upgrades like energy and basic weapons.

Anyway, back to the story!

Leona is sad. People you care about ambiguously dying in front of you tends to have that effect.

She's also distracted.

Kouji: Hey, hold on! Mazinger Z can't fly like your fancy new-fangled transformer.

Leona: I'm sorry. It's just easier to get around in G-Hawk mode...
Boss: Is it just me, Kabuto, or is this thing exactly like Mazinger Z but a lot better?
Sayaka: Shut up Boss. And don't worry, dad's working on a flight attachment for Mazinger Z.

Leona: *Newtype flash that I keep failing to cap*
Leona: Nngh. There's something happening. I can feel it...? It's to the north of here...
Leona: *immediately blasts off at full speed in G-Hawk Mode*
Kouji: Grumble grumble stupid transforming...wait, crap, the Saotome Labs are north of here!

The Saotome "Anything Goes" School of High-Energy Particle Physics

Ryouma Nagare: The Saotome Research Labs. The Getter Team...our names are Ryouma, Hayato, and Musashi.

Michiru Saotome: Ryouma, are you narrating your life again?

Dr. Saotome: Everyone, get in here! The Photon Research Labs were just attacked.

Musashi Tomoe: Oh come on, Kabuto can totally handle it.
Dr. Saotome: He did (without even Pildering On, which wouldn't make any sense if I didn't know the plot already), but that's not the important part. Aside from the usual Mechabeasts, Count Brocken was also using a Mechasaurus.

I knew this thing didn't look quite weird enough to be one of Dr. Hell's

Dr. Saotome: Dr. Hell must have gotten ahold of some Mechasauruses left over from when we kicked the Dinosaur Empire back under ground. If he got his hands on any of the other Dinosaur technology like those plants...
Ryouma: Well, let's go help Kabuto kick Dr. Hell's ass then.
Dr. Saotome: It's not just Dr. Hell I'm worried about. So much has happened since that "meteor" crashed into South Ataria. Dr. Hell, the Dinosaurs, the Youma, Big Fire and the Meganoids...

Michiru: The Federation and the SDF have fortified the crap out of South Ataria, Zeon's been rebuilding...

Hayato Jin: Then there was the EI-01 incident and PLANT declaring independence.
Everyone: *blank stare*
Hayato: ...what? You know, that other weird meteor that crashed in Japan? And the genetically engineered space people?
Ryouma: Hayato, what the hell do you smoke, and where can I get some?
Hayato: Oh come on, this stuff obviously happened. It was all over the news! The meteor crashed right in Tokyo!
Dr. Saotome: You're crazy, Jin, and when I say that, you know it's a serious problem.
Hayato: You guys are fucking with me, right?
Michiru: Nope, I've never heard of any of that either. Who would name a country PLANT, anyway?
Hayato: You guys will all day...

Dr. Saotome: Put the knife away, Hayato, my point is, there's something going on here even bigger than the fights we've already had. Some third party that threatens the Federation, Zeon, and everyone else. That's why I'm working on improved versions of Getter Robo. You already know about the Dragon, Liger, and Poseidon machines--


Dr. Saotome: Shit, I spent too much time on exposition.

Mission 3: Getter Team, Launch!

Mechabirdosaurus: GWAAAAH!
Dr. Saotome: Jesus Christ it's that thing from Dr. McNinja KILL IT!
Ryouma: Let's go!

Hayato: Hey, Ryouma, the Mechasauruses are already too close. We'll have to fight them in the Get Machines. Or jump out and stab them in the eye.

Ryouma: Yeah, let's go with the first one. Okay! Open Formation, GO!!

Three up, three down. That was easy. Also, one of only two or three times you will ever see me use the individual Get Machines.

BGM: Detestable Visitor

Musashi: Damn, more Mechasauruses. Where did all these things come from?
Hayato: I think that's enough of a test flight for the Get Machines. Let's practice combining, huh Ryou?

Ryouma: Okay, let's go! Musashi, Hayato!

BGM: Getter Robo!

Incidentally, always use Ryouma to attack the top-left birdosaurus on this level because that's where the closest reinforcement spawns.

There's a whole (lengthy) little CG cinematic for the Getter combination. Too bad I can't record video

The gang discusses which form of Getter Robo should be used to attack which enemy. As in the show, Getter-1 takes the aerial enemy, Getter-2 takes the land enemy, and Getter-3 takes the one in the ocean. Following the canonical strategy is actually the skill point requirement for this level - don't do it and you actually lose one.

Plus, the beginning of Alpha is one of the few SRWs where Getter-2 and -3 are remotely useful, so we might as well show them off.

Getter-1 is your general flying super robot, suited for air and space. It can split into its three components, and it can transform into other forms.

As our first multi-pilot robot, it's worth noting that ANYONE in Getter Robo can use a spirit, and any spirits cast on the robot affect all three pilots/forms.

Enough talk, time to extinct some bad guys.



By the way, the panel at the top corner when you use the general menu lists the current turn of this stage, as well as your current funds.

Next turn!


Getter-2 is speedier and more fragile than Getter-1, as well as land-bound (and lacking in the range department). It also has Getter Vision, which is an extra chance to completely dodge an attack because Hayato is Just That Fucking Fast.

It also has the very rare ability to Burrow with that drill it has and move underground. While rarely useful, it does keep enemies from attacking and ignores movement penalties for things like trees. Unfortunately, it also means you can't attack after moving.

On the next turn, though...

Hayato: Let's go! GETTER DRILL!

Mechasaurus: Mammoths aren't even contemporary with dinosaaaaaaurs.
Hayato: Because that's the most nonsensical thing about this show.




Okay, moving on to Getter-3 and its opponent...

Getter-3 is the tank spec. It's slow, tough, and deals more damage than either of the other two out of the box. Most importantly, it's got weapons that have A ratings in water, so they deal full damage instead of barely scratching underwater enemies.

Since 3 is so slow, Musashi gets close to the enemy but has to wait to counterattack.

And somehow dodges.

And then on his turn, after I fail to cap the missiles hitting the underwater Mechasaur,


Annoyingly, it takes another counterattack to finish this guy, despite 3's good base damage.

But down it goes. Three!

Unfortunately, EVEN MORE MECHASAURUSES pop up.

Ryouma: What is this, SRWJ?
Hayato: Wait, look! Isn't that the Dai?
Musashi: Emperor Gore's flagship?! The thing that's going to be an utter bitch to fight in Alpha Gaiden?
Ryouma: Looks like it's being remote controlled like the rest of these things...but where the hell did Doctor...uh...Hell find it?

BGM: Steel Cockpit

Leona: Grungust Type-2, assisting. I knew there was something dangerous going on up here...but how did I know?

Dr. Saotome: The Type-2? Wait...

BGM: Mazinger Z

Kouji: Seriously, Leona, wait up for us. There's enough three-times-faster blondes in this world already.

Kouji: Nice to see you guys again, though.
Ryouma: The hell are you and your friend doing here, Kabuto? We got this covered.
Hayato: Enough talking, let's shank some dinosaurs. Over and over and over...

Unfortunately, since the last Mechasaurus was killed on the enemy turn, it's still the enemy reinforcements' turn.

Leona: Damn, out of range. Maybe I really shouldn't have charged into a battleship's firing arc...

Musashi: Heh! Never bring a wimpy gun like that against THE STRONGEST Getter! Especially not when its in its element.

Leona: Eh, it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Hayato: Hehehehehe...our turn.

Boss: Okay okay okay...I swear I got this one. Come on, Borot, come on...


Kouji: You know what, I know this is Mazinger Z's debut, but I think I'm going to skip rocket punching and just melt everything. BREAST FIRE!

Mechabeast: Talk about overkbhgvfgbghdsajgfdh*boom*

Leona: Good idea.

Leona: Huh, guess Grungust isn't as overpowered as Mazinger Z...yet.

Sayaka: Don't forget Aphrodite is made of Super Alloy Z, too!

At the end of the first post-reinforcements turn, the enemy is down to two mooks at their AI-controlled battleship. Go team!

Leona: OW! Du Hurensohn! I am so upgrading this thing's armor. Or at least waiting until the TK Field turns on before charging a battleship...

Leona: You, however, can just go ahead and die.


Hayato: Is there anything in this game that DOESN'T rocket punch?

Next turn, I turn on Leona's Guard spirit just in case, then have Sayaka repair the Type-2, leveling her up (told you she'd get most of her XP from repairs).

Leona: Sure would be nice to have a REPAIR KIT right about now.

Quit your whining.

Kouji: Time to take down the Dai!

I love this animation, if you couldn't tell.

Kouji: Too close for your heavy artillery? You didn't even put a scratch on me!

Boss: Alright, I'm on a roll! I'll definitely hit this gigantic pair of brachiosaur--


Leona: I've had it with this thing. MAXIBLASTER!

Leona: Oh, and a TK Field, so you can suck my metaphorical--

One more counterattack, and...

Hayato: I'm going to drill you into fossil fuel!
Musashi: That was fucking terrible, Hayato.

Hayato: I know where you sleep.

Lots of XP from that one! Also worth noting that pilots in the same robot share XP gains, although only the current pilot gets credit for any kills in terms of number. Also, a Propellant Tank. It's like a Repair Kit but for Energy.


Duke Gorgon: Dammit, this plan failed. If I can get control of those Getter Rays, it won't matter if that patsy Brocken can get control of the Japanium and Photon Power used to make Mazinger Z...

Kouji: ACHOO!

Duke Gorgon: ...because I'll be able to take control of Dr. Hell's organization, and the world. All in the name of the Empire, of course...

Ivan: Hahaha...Getter Robo, huh? Let's see how this develops. In fact, I should let Alberto know...

Kouji: Your security really sucks, Dr. Saotome. Especially out in the woods.

Dr. Saotome: Yes yes yes. Anyway, young lady, you said you were the Grungust Type-2's pilot?

Leona: Yep. Excuse me, just walking off a concussion from that second artillery hit.
Ryouma: What is the Grungust Type-2 anyway? It looks like a better version of Mazinger Z.
Kouji: Hey! Just because it transforms doesn't make it...
Ryouma: ...
Hayato: ... *sharpens knife*
Musashi: ...
Kouji: Er...

Dr. Saotome: It's a super robot developed by the DC here in Japan, based on a design originally by the Tesla-Leicht Institute.

Leona: I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but I formed some kind of link with the Grungust the first time I piloted it. It gave me a warning that there was going to be a battle here, which is why we came...

Dr. Saotome: You should get to the Earth Federation Army base at Izu. The Type-2 was built for them, and they'll be able to explain the technology better than I can.

Hayato: ...
Hayato: Do you mind if I accompany you? That's where the Federation is working on their SRX Project, too, and I'm interested to see how that relates to the Grungust.

Dr. Saotome: ...
Dr. Saotome: Go on ahead with them, Hayato. I've got some data I want to send with you anyway. Be damned if I let those army bastards one-up my Getter Robo grumble grumble

Leona: Oh look, another feeling of impending doom...

Next time, on Super Robot Wars Alpha: some real robots! More or less.

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