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Prof's translation corner!

Translation of the four screenshots in this spread that Nerdo posted:

7:45 PM, December 14th, Year 186 NCE

In the vicinity of Planet Raioh, 10th planet in the solar system

Special Defense Force Space Battalion Flagship #0 Excelion

Under attack by an unknown enemy force

Not doing a word-for-word on this, but it's the XO reporting in to Tashiro about how few of their forces are remaining. So, Nerdo was pretty accurate.

Noriko, Jung! If we don't stop them here, then Earth will be...

O... Onee-sama... I... I...

Pretty much accurate, but Noriko specifically mentions Kimiko, and I forget who that is.

Attack names, top to bottom:
Anti-aircraft Pulse Laser
Central Laser Cannon
Ruby Laser Main Cannon
Photon Torpedo

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