This is just a temporary notice for anyone tracking my journal that Part 3 of Let's Play Super Robot Wars Alpha is up and over here. I realized when I converted it from private to public there may not have been a notification, so this new post is for the purposes of triggering that notif.

This post will be deleted in three days because it contains no content. Head on over to the linked post for the Let's Play.
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Good evening. My name is Nerd-o-rama, and this is my second attempt at a Let's Play of a game in Banpresto's long-running Super Robot Wars series. This post is an index of the LP so far: to go to a page, just click the links.

LP Information (read first)
Part 0: Aim for the Top
Part 0.5: Character Select
Part 1: Super Robot High
Part 2: MAZIN GO! Okay Mazin Stop
Part 3: OPEN GET!
Part 4: Neo Neue Shin Zeon Zwei
Part 5: A Floating Octopus!
Part 6: Crossover
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