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Let's Play Super Robot Wars Alpha: Crossover

Mission 6: The Order to Shoot Down the Argama

 photo 000_zpsa86991e1.jpg

You know what, one a week was extremely optimistic. Also, for a little housekeeping, I got a character name wrong last update, as Anonymous helpfully pointed out. I'd correct it, but I think I'll just make fun of myself when I next have the opportunity.

 photo 001_zpsfdc44efe.png
Screw upgrades.

 photo 002_zps1c4464f1.png
I finally managed to cap a loading screen illustration. These things are pretty well-done, but seldom least to the current mission.

 photo 003_zpse84791a8.png

Back at the Far East Base! As our heroes return victoriously, General Oka is having a lengthy argument with Lieutenant Commander Jamaican Daningham of the Titans. And I do mean lengthy.

 photo 004_zpsa76f0865.png
 photo 005_zps08cf022a.png
If it wasn't clear, the blue box means this is a video call

 photo 006_zps1bb50419.png
 photo 007_zps4ded3bb3.png

The crux of the argument is something like:

Oka: Why can't you do your job and keep jerks from space from coming down here and causing havoc?
Jamaican: Zeon's starting up an all-out war up here; we can't stop everything. Well, maybe we could if it weren't for certain Federation officers who are fighting us instead of doing what we say.
Oka: You Titans really are just a private army for Jamitov Hymem and Bask Om...
Jamaican: No, your mother.
Oka: No, your mother.
Jamaican: Anyway, Japan's not my problem. What you should really be concerned about is South Ataria Island.

 photo 008_zps1687255c.png

Oka: South Ataria? Is Zeon planning a strike there?

 photo 009_zps718317db.png

Jamaican: Without a doubt. With all the EOT stored there, they could cause a disaster a hundred times worse than the colony drop.

(As a bit of explanation, if you forgot the prologue, EOT is "Extra-Over Technology", meaning the weird alien stuff that was found in the crashed alien ship on South Ataria or developed from similar sources. The colony drop refers to Zeon's opening move of the One-Year War, wherein an enormous space colony was dropped on the tiny habitable part of Australia in a botched attempt to destroy the Federation Army's headquarters)

Jamaican: Anyway, the Titans are going to be assuming command of the whole Federation Army soon and organizing a counterstrike against Zeon. Right now, we need you to shoot down an enemy supply ship that's heading toward the Far East Base. It has Federation IFF codes, so you'll need to send out people to destroy it up close.
Oka: Sure, I totally believe that this Federation-marked and -coded ship is an enemy coming to attack my base single-handedly based solely on your word as someone who just told me his organization is suborning the chain of command and whom I personally dislike, and will shoot it down immediately.
Jamaican: 'k bye.

 photo 010_zpscb4f4c10.png

Kouji: Uh, hey, General, there's a strange ship approaching the...why are you banging your head on the desk?
Oka: Just...go and investigate it. Investigate, not blow up. Unless it actually is hostile, I don't even know.

 photo 011_zps0a8e8fce.png

Kouji: Oooookay...hey, Leona, should we assume it's hostile or friendly?

 photo 013_zpsae42e974.png
 photo 014_zpsa44172cd.png

Leona: Assume it's an enemy until proven otherwise, I guess. Can't be too careful.

(That choice is the Expert Point for this mission, believe it or not; one of the instances where you get points for making things harder on yourself.)

Leona: Just don't go all-out.

 photo 015_zps771713cc.png
Mission 6: The Order to Shoot Down the Argama

BGM: For the Sake of This Planet's Tomorrow

 photo 016_zps96f8e00c.png
In the Blue corner, weighing in at like a thousand tons...

 photo 017_zpsca7c6029.png
In the Red corner, weighing nothing because it has antigravity...wait, does the Argama ever enter the atmosphere in the show?

 photo 018_zps94bab590.png

Kouji: Well, there it definitely looks like a Federation ship, though.

 photo 019_zps10b29bcf.png

Hayato: Updated Pegasus-class design, I think. The Argama, maybe?

But then!

 photo 020_zps77a1e3bd.png

Captain Bright Noa: Wait, Duo, what the hell are you doing? The Far East Base is regular Army, not the Titans.

 photo 021_zpsfa8bec42.png

Duo Maxwell: That's nice and all, Bright, but last time I checked this outfit was called the Anti-Earth Union Group, not just Anti-Titans. Besides, it's not like the army's going to understand what we're doing anyway.

 photo 022_zps7f6dbc37.png

Kouji: They're launching mobile suits. I knew it!

 photo 023_zps0e207592.png

Leona: Here we go again...

 photo 024_zps60b18354.png

Duo: Die...anyone who sees me must die!

(I haven't actually watched Gundam Wing either, in case I fuck up anyone's catchphrases.)

Game on!

 photo 025_zpsafaa2862.png
This bodes well
 photo 026_zpsf7acf824.png

Duo: This machine...let's just check Professor G's old databank. Ah, a Grungust with some EOT stuck on. I better be careful, huh?

 photo 027_zpsb2d5c1ee.png

Leona: He knows about the Grungust? What the hell?

 photo 028_zps764428d0.png

 photo 029_zps7a5b7a96.png
 photo 030_zps3fb84ae2.png
 photo 033_zps9fa5c9fd.png

 photo 034_zpsc5ab996b.png
 photo 035_zpsc0c58eb3.png
 photo 036_zps15684b12.png
 photo 037_zps7e9da093.png
 photo 038_zps037a22d3.png

Fun fact: If you actually shoot down Deathscythe here (very possible when your main character knows Strike), it's a Game Over.

Kouji: Well that went poorly.
Leona: It's like he's just toying with u--AAH!

 photo 039_zpsc45fd2a1.png

Leona: Ow okay, these headaches mean actual bad guys, I've got that now thank you! Ow!

BGM: Detestable Visitors

 photo 040_zps72bf1cf4.png
 photo 041_zpsc42f956e.png
 photo 042_zps44f98761.png

Kouji: Neo-Zeon! And Count Brocken!
Oka: Jamaican couldn't have warned me about that?

 photo 043_zps46b5a7c9.png

Brocken: Alright, we've got them off guard this time. Smash them!

 photo 044_zps8761244f.png

Mashymre Cello: (Yes that is how you spell his name) Don't order me around, Earthnoid freak! Fight with all your hearts, men, for a new Earth Sphere and for Zeon!

 photo 045_zpsfb790a59.png

Goton: And then we charged the super robots. I have a bad feeling about this...

 photo 047_zps97fdb4e3.png

Bright: Alright, Duo, enough of your shenanigans. Far East Base, this is Captain Bright Noa of the Argama. Our enemies are the Titans and Neo-Zeon, not you. We'd like to offer assistance defending yourselves from this attack by Neo-Zeon.
Duo: *melodramatic sigh* Fiiiiiiiine.

Oka: Bright Noa? That's all I needed to hear. All units launch, and take out the mechabeasts and Zeon mobile suits!

 photo 050_zps3991537d.png

 photo 051_zps090678f9.png

Lt. Quattro Bajeena: Guess it's time for us to launch and help out too.

And then I missed screencapping the Argama's mobile suits deploying. Anyway, this all technically happened on the second Enemy Phase, so they get to go first.

BGM: Mobile Suit Battle ~War~ (Get used to hearing this song).

 photo 053_zps2ef3118b.png
 photo 054_zpsa8950bd8.png
Also get used to Quattro dodging shit.

 photo 055_zpsa3676897.png
 photo 056_zpscfbf36ed.png
 photo 058_zpsa1c022df.png
Note that basic beam rifles in this game have "B" ranks against Air and Ground enemies, and only have "A" ranks in Space terrain

 photo 059_zps79ef10e3.png
Hence, it's a good idea to use beam sabers when possible on Earth maps, even if they do less base damage.

 photo 060_zps4f838c03.png
 photo 061_zpsfe622936.png
 photo 062_zpsbbfe0def.png

 photo 063_zpse7ab33ab.png
 photo 064_zpsa855abc1.png

Leona: You must have missed the part where I just fought a Gundam.

After the Zakus finish filing for assisted suicide, let's take a look at the Argama's complement.

 photo 065_zps75f1a5ff.png photo 066_zps0b0c2ae5.png
 photo 067_zps416a9aa1.png photo 068_zps0e0c49c6.png
 photo 069_zpsc9120c09.png photo 070_zpsdd87de65.png

That's quite a few new dudes, and that's not even counting the battleship. First, we have--

Quattro: Can you save the full introductions for later? We're in the middle of something here.

Alright, fine. The gold one is the Hyakku Shiki, the white one is the Gundam Mark 2, and the red one is the Rick Dias. These are all Real Robots (dodgy-types) with similar loadouts - vulcan cannons, beam sabers, beam rifles, and rocket launchers. The Hyakku Shiki also has a trick we'll get to later. The weird-looking yellow one is the Methuss, which can turn into a plane and repair things despite having crap weapons (it's basically a Real Robot Aphrodite A). The plane thing is...well, a plane. It's got missiles and the ability to Replenish, like a less lame Boss Borot. Finally, the black one is Gundam Deathscythe.

Kouji: Yeah, we met.
Duo: Hey, hey, no hard feelings.

 photo 071_zps88303eeb.png

Kamille Bidan: Die monster! You don't belong in this world.

 photo 072_zpsf6d98149.png
 photo 073_zps093b9068.png
But seriously, beam saber base damage is crap.

 photo 074_zps6c2ad9dd.png
 photo 075_zps29df5a6d.png
At least he dodges like a mofo

 photo 076_zps30a9860f.png
 photo 077_zps0e792903.png

Emma Sheen: Who needs a cutin?

 photo 078_zpsbc1795d0.png
 photo 079_zps9d712ea9.png
As mentioned, the Methuss can turn into a plane and repair units.

Reccoa Londe: Sorry about Duo. He's kind of an idiot.
Leona: Trust me, I know the type...

Duo: I'm hurt, really...

 photo 080_zps06f71adb.png

Gundam Deathscythe (yes that is its actual name) pretty much does one thing: point-blank melee damage.

BGM: Just Communication

 photo 081_zps0cd433d7.png
 photo 082_zps6127a103.png
 photo 083_zps38e85927.png
It does it very well.

 photo 084_zps60157e5b.png
 photo 085_zps5047cf1a.png

 photo 086_zps0a7a7322.png
 photo 087_zpscfd22db8.png
 photo 088_zps11279738.png

Okay so maybe I lied about beam sabers ever being more useful than the rifles. Or Char Quattro just crits the heck out of everything with his insane Skill.

BGM: The Red Comet

Quattro: For the last time, I'm not Ch--

It's the name of the BGM for original Gundam units, Lieutenant.

Quattro: ...carry on, then.

 photo 089_zpsf385fd8e.png

Sleggar Law: Admit it, you thought I died.

I sure thought he died. Then again, I thought the same thing about the Tri-Stars and they bit it before he was even introduced.

 photo 090_zpsa65c9332.png
 photo 091_zps90b8db9f.png
 photo 092_zpsf1faff5f.png
 photo 093_zps2b1e4734.png
 photo 094_zpsa3a907d4.png
Missile fiiiiiiiiiight. And I'm not even close to Macross starting yet.

 photo 095_zpsce282267.png
 photo 097_zpscbce2ae9.png

Leona: I'm not going to get much plot focus from here on, am I?
Kouji: At least our attacks are cooler than the Gundams.

 photo 099_zps58423ed2.png
 photo 100_zps9ec13c41.png
 photo 101_zps1e4555cd.png
 photo 102_zps014770c9.png


 photo 103_zpsa47a8423.png

Hayato: As long as the player keeps deciding terrain ratings are relevant, I get to keep having screen time.
Ryouma: Until we get to space, you mean.
Musashi: Or another damn water level.

 photo 104_zpsa44ae110.png

Here's half the team on the map. I split up to deal with each bad guy group separately, and forgot to cap the other half.

 photo 105_zps90500e8e.png
 photo 106_zps24d35d78.png
 photo 107_zps88f3e713.png

Quattro: One of Haman's men...
Mashymre: This guy...
Mashymre: You're Char Aznable! What are you doing fighting for the Feddies?
Quattro: Huh? What's a Char? My name is Quattro.

 photo 108_zps0912111b.png
 photo 110_zpsee20e7e5.png
 photo 111_zps0f497d6b.png

Meanwhile, Leona has reached 110 morale and invulnerability against piddly mobile suit weapons.

 photo 112_zps0c57250f.png
 photo 113_zps801b0688.png
 photo 114_zpscd0c4d8e.png

 photo 115_zpsd003432b.png

Hayato: So, Brocken, what are you guys doing siding with Zeon? You can tell me, no one listens to me anyway.

 photo 116_zps3adbc1bc.png

Brocken: I can sympathize with their desire for Lebsensraum.

 photo 117_zpsb2e41bbb.png
 photo 119_zpsdcb74019.png
 photo 120_zpsfc85fa35.png
 photo 121_zpsa83c4e75.png

 photo 122_zpsc72775e8.png
 photo 123_zps497bbe92.png

 photo 125_zpsbd5fb8b4.png

Getter-2 pretty much tanks the whole left side of the map.

 photo 126_zps4a8dac8f.png

Kamille: Alright, time to take down a Midboss.
Mashymre: M-M-MIDBOSS!?
Mashymre: ......
Mashymre: ...that's a distressingly accurate comparison.

 photo 127_zps19f34bf8.png
 photo 128_zps20bdc4cb.png

Mashymre: W-what?! Retreat, retreat!

 photo 130_zpsfb985355.png
 photo 131_zps4e81dd3b.png

That loot is an Apogee Motor; it gives +1 Move like the Booster, but also adds 5 to a mech's maneuverability - very handy for dodgy robots like Gundams.

Kamille: Score!

 photo 132_zps5b8149e5.png
 photo 132_zps5b8149e5.png

Kouji: Can't kill Brocken, might as well kill this thing. ROCKET PUNCH!

Ryouma: My turn! CHANGE GETTER-1!

 photo 134_zps26331419.png
 photo 135_zps9f42e1c4.png
 photo 136_zpsa4368a42.png
 photo 138_zps474c7e92.png
 photo 140_zps27f2624b.png

Ryouma: That looked like it hurt! Don't lose your--
Brocken: Just shut up.

 photo 143_zpsefe3ad87.png
 photo 144_zpsa425e223.png
 photo 145_zps3b9ded03.png

Today is not Brocken's day.

 photo 148_zps69d5e67b.png

Goton: Ow.

 photo 149_zps9b206cfc.png
 photo 150_zpsbce3b42f.png
 photo 151_zps735f0b2a.png

Quattro: What is with all the missiles on this level?
Goton: Well, if you don't like them...

Only the battleships are left for this Enemy Phase, incidentally.

 photo 152_zps30e9d6a5.png
 photo 153_zps2e447f69.png
 photo 154_zpsc3f72e0f.png

 photo 155_zps5105248c.png
 photo 156_zps39cd6cc6.png


 photo 158_zpsfac998f3.png
 photo 159_zps8d69ef39.png


 photo 160_zpsf4a155ab.png
 photo 161_zpsac93315a.png
 photo 162_zps942ff8de.png
 photo 163_zps9cea5248.png

I like battleships exploding, okay? It's very satisfying.

 photo 165_zpse1f21360.png

Remember how I said Hyakku Shiki had a trick? It's time for me to introduce MAP weapons.

 photo 166_zps8dbada41.png

MAP weapons have the (MAP) tag after them and work like most weapons; they have base damage, accuracy and critical modifiers, descriptors, etc. There is one major difference.

 photo 167_zps9f8f3f80.png

You select them, point to an eligible area, and...

 photo 168_zps0c110008.png
 photo 169_zps1695f045.png
 photo 170_zps6b7f04f1.png
 photo 171_zps29f27b3d.png
 photo 172_zpsfb7b237c.png

It's an area of effect that hits every space that was highlighted in red. It's technically a waste here since there was only one enemy, but it's still Hyakku Shiki's most powerful attack.

Duo: That was pretty cool, but watch--

 photo 173_zps70e3162f.png

Duo: Oh right ships fly in this universe. I feel like a D&D Fighter...

 photo 174_zps0297a20e.png
Not QUITE a rocket punch, but...

 photo 175_zps62cd59de.png
 photo 177_zps73683edc.png

 photo 178_zpsa381915b.png
 photo 179_zps2f0544a0.png
 photo 180_zpsb71c470e.png
 photo 181_zps2d5f3588.png
 photo 182_zps99bf5fde.png
 photo 183_zps059547b5.png
 photo 184_zps455ddda9.png
 photo 185_zps75344c01.png

 photo 186_zps9040b34c.png

He is a bit screwed.

 photo 189_zpsccc372c4.png
 photo 190_zps2b20dd36.png

Bright: Looks like we get one actual attack on this level. Megaparticle Cannon, fire!

 photo 191_zpsb4e3bf34.png
 photo 192_zps99f4cbd5.png
 photo 193_zps0410851c.png

Alright, this will be the last hit. Since I have my whole team ready to go, I'll show you my very favorite trick in SRW Alpha.

Step 1: Have a very low-level person on your team happen to know Gain (double XP from next attack).

 photo 194_zps3513d956.png

Emma: Hello, I am level 8. I don't like being level 8.

Step 2: Have her attack a near-dead named boss character with around 150% of her levels.

 photo 196_zps3e74c296.png
 photo 197_zps0437254c.png
 photo 198_zps8eab09fb.png
 photo 199_zps4e2fd4f4.png
 photo 200_zps42f15d02.png
 photo 201_zpse0f7868e.png

Step 3:

 photo 202_zps687cc295.png
 photo 203_zps67cff82f.png


Mission Complete

 photo 204_zps5ad1cf40.png photo 205_zps4e204225.png

To make a long story short, Bright Noa is a minor legend in the Federation's regular army from back in the One-Year War. He ran afoul of the Titans up in space and due to various circumstances is now a commander for the AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group), a paramilitary resistance against the Titans' abuse of power formed by Federation Commodore Blex Forer.

 photo 206_zps337aaa1a.png

Quattro: And I'm just some guy named Quattro Bajeena. No relation to anyone famous.

 photo 208_zps6c1c2609.png

Quattro: Anyway, am I correct in assuming you're on the side of the people, not the Titans?
Oka: If you're offering a deal, as far as I care the AEUG is more a part of the army than the Titans are. So, yes.

 photo 209_zps2956a3d9.png

Kouji: Hey, is this the Gundam? What's it doing here, anyway?

< photo 210_zpsb705cdc4.png
 photo 211_zps4b09753d.png

Kamille: It's the Gundam Mark II. Until we stole it, it was the Titans' upgrade to the original RX-78. I'm Kamille Bidan, the guy who hijacked it and brought it to the AEUG.

 photo 212_zpsf0d591d4.png

Kouji: Kamille? Wait, isn't that a girls' name?
Kamille: .................................................... *leaves*

 photo 213_zpsa0aaafe8.png

Emma: Oh good, he didn't start blowing things up again.

 photo 216_zpse8c41672.png

Kouji: Okay, let's try this again. This guy just has a girly haircut...

Leona: *facepalm*

And that's a wrap for now! I apologize for the delay guys, but on the plus side I got a new job, so I'm at least less stressed now. Because this wasn't quite going slow enough, my next update will be setting up an information post to keep track of all the characters and robots, since I know it can get confusing (especially without thumbnails). If that starts taking too long I'll just say screw it and go on to the next mission.

Until then, remember: it can't kill you until you say IT'S A GUNDAAAAAA--


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