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Let's Play Super Robot Wars Alpha: A Floating Octopus!

Mission 5: Secret Numbers

*Sigh* know what, guys? It's been a rough couple of weeks and this level is kind of uninspired except for some foreshadowing. There's only two enemy types, no bad guy dialog, and it's just plugging on and on through mooks. So I'm gonna let someone else cover it. Ryusei, you're up.

Ryusei Date: Hey, where's your...wait, what? Really?!

You heard me. You can get enthusiastic about anything, and this is your intro mission, so you handle it.

Ryusei: YES SIR RIGHT AWAY SIR THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME. Okay I'm going to need a full animation for each of Mazinger Z's attacks, a few Go Nagai-styled graphics for subheadings, and--

You get what I screencapped. Where's my fucking coffee...

Ryusei: Oh. Can I at least change the title to something that isn't an obscure non-giant-robot webcomic reference?

No, I already named the photobucket album.

Ryusei: Oh.

Ryusei: Obviously, the first thing the boss did was make sure Getter Robo had enough energy to use its awesome finishing moves more than once a mission! It's especially cool because one upgrade to a base stat applies to all three forms. Even if weapon upgrades don't...eheheh

Ryusei: He also paid to upgrade the classic, the one-and-only Rocket Punch the same way he did with the equally-cool-but-not-quite-as-original Boost Knuckle last time, for pretty much the same reason: we're going to be seeing a lot of it! Man, we're so lucky.

Ryusei: *Ahem*! We pick up where we left off, with the gallant Super Robot Squad heading back to base after chasing off Baron Ashura once again!

Raidese F. Branstein: If I have to listen to him talk like this for this entire mission I'm going to mutiny.
Ingram Pliskin: Patience, Ensign. All things in good time.
Rai: Yes, sir.
Rai: Hey, wait a second...

Leona: I feel another one of those flashes. Like something terrible is happening. An attack, or the complete destruction of the fourth wall, or something.

Kouji: Hey, you keep sounding more and more like an Esper. This explains why you get such good grades...
Leona: No, I get good grades because I actually study. Studied. Come to think of it, this whole adventure is going to be a big problem with my IB credits...

TL Note: In case you're not an enormous weeaboo, that's a Japanese sci fi word for a psychic, as in "ESP-er", and not the summon monsters from Final Fantasy VI

Ryouma: Psychic powers or not, the radar backs Leona up. There's definitely fighting going on nearby.
Kouji: Well, we already ignored orders and attacked those Zeon guys, let's go pick another fight.
Leona: I am actually going to die, aren't I...?

Mission 5: Secret Numbers

Ryusei: (That's us!)
Rai: (Shh!)

Doot doot doo...


Riki Jinguuji: So much for a normal patrol. Raise your hand if you expected the Demon Empire out here?
Mari Sakurano: I really think an octopus should be in the ocean...

Ryusei: The heroic pilots of the cool-but-not-quite-as-cool-as-a-giant-robot fighter plane things are outnumbered and surrounded! But suddenly!

BGM: Steel Cockpit

Kouji: Hey, I know those g--
Kouji: Hey, new guy, this is the dialog part. Leave the narration for the battle.
Ryusei: ;_; K-Kouji Kabuto reprimanded me...

Everyone: ......

Kouji: As I was saying, that's Copelander squad from Mutropolis.
Musashi: Oh yeah, they did the demon thing while we were doing the dinosaur and mad scientist things.
Ryouma: I thought we weren't up to the part with demons yet.
Leona: Is this headache a suppressed desire to beat up the guys, or more psychic powers...?
Mari: I wonder the same thing all the time...

Kouji: Okay, that's enough of that. Everybody, let's go!

Ryusei: The Get Machines (which were uncombined at the start of the level for some reason) soared forth separately, since these weird flying squid things were both numerous and lacking in HP!

Not quite that lacking, though. Or at least they had more armor than the Mechasaurus mooks.

Ryusei: ALSO THEY SHOOT MAGMA! Seriously, how'd the boss lose interest in this mission, even the bad guys are cool.

Musashi and Hayato tag-teamed the one mook and then Ryouma combined everyone into Getter-1 for air combat.


Kouji: PANCH!

Kouji: Hey, I'm finally catching up in levels.

Leona: In case anyone was wondering why I never use the eye lasers...

Ryusei: Let's take a look at the new guys!

Ryusei: This is a Blugar. Or Brugar. Bluegar? I don't think this thing ever got official subs...ANYWAY! It's a fighter plane-type with that classic roundrect 1970's look, and--
Mari: Hey! You skipped the pilot screen!
Ryusei: Oh, right! These are piloted by supporting characters so their stats aren't very good.
Mari: If you were on the map right now...

Rai: While Ryusei avoids well-earned death once again, I'll chime in and say this is what the Scan skill looks like. It's not very useful on this level, but it's sometimes handy for finding an enemy's stats without fighting them.

Mari: I'll show you a supporting character!
Floating Octopus Demon Thingy: Why am I even up heeeeeeeeeere

Ryusei: After that, the bad guys charge forth, floating through the air all tentacley!
Rai: You're completely overselling this.

Kouji: Okay, before you start again about CHOUGOKIN ZEEEEEEEEEEETo, I already have a narrator.

Kouji: Also the regular guy mixed up Missile Punch and Drill Missile last time. Missile Punch is at least a little useful.
Ryusei: I always wondered, why does Missile Punch come from Mazinger Z's torso?
Kouji: Under Mazinger Z's beard, there is no chin. Only another rocket-propelled fist.

(Actually I think it's a pun: Missile Paunch, but that's so dumb even a Chuck Norris joke is better.)

Ryusei: Don't interrupt, I'm taking notes!

The enemy turn goes very poorly and either Mazinger and Getter teleported, or I skipped a turn of screenshots

Ryusei: ...
Rai: What, no commentary?
Ryusei: Sh! I'm filming this part.
Rai: I will give you one million dollars if you never, ever tell me why.

Leona: This is kind of suspiciously easy...

Ryusei: SUDDENLY--
Leona: Should have kept my mouth shut.

Ryusei: Man, they didn't even get an enemy reinforcements tune. Er, anyway, now the big blocky statue guys on the island charge across the bridege to attack Mazinger Z!

Kouji: Who needs a sword? BREAST FIIIIIIIIIIRE!

Kouji: That was pathetic! Bring it on, you--

Kouji: Uh oh.

Musashi: Whatever, it's our turn again! I'll take the one in the water. CHANGE GETTER-3!
Ryusei: So cool...I want to be in a robot that can do that!

Leona: I'll help out Kabuto, I guess. It looks like all the reinforcements are the little ones, so Maxiblaster!

Ryusei: No way! The small fry get a lens flare but Getter Robo doesn't?
Leona: I'm fine, thanks for asking.

Ryusei: Aw man, I guess this is kind of a slog.

Ryusei: These guys only even have the one attack. How are they even supposed t--

Everyone: SERIOUSLY?!

Musashi: I think we should take back that last SRWJ joke so we can make a new one.

Kouji: You know what, I don't care! Grandpa's Mazinger is invincible, so bring it on!

Kouji: Hehe, four up, four down.
Everyone: Holy SHIT, Kabuto!
Ryusei: No words...should have sent a poet...

I'll just chime back in here myself to let everyone know this is one of the more useful strategies in Super Robot Wars. On your turn, make sure every enemy is damaged enough that the things they can reach (Mazinger Z and Grungust, in this case) can potentially finish them. Since the AI will almost always make an attack when it can, they'll line up (literally in this case) to get killed by your counterattacks without using up any of your actions on your turn.

Ryusei: Oh good, you're back. After a display like that, I can't wait back here any longer!

Well, you're up now anyway.

Ryusei: Really? Sweet!

BGM: Everywhere You Go

Ryusei: It's Mazinger Z and Getter Robo! They're fighting the Demons, so we should go help them.
Rai: Our orders were to stay hidden. Unlike some people, I think we can follow them.
Ryusei: But--
Ingram: Enough. We're the SRX Team, and we'll behave as befits the Federation's test pilots.
Ingrama: That said, we could use the real combat data...

Leona: What is this? Something's out there. Three more...and one of them is really...

Ingram: (They brought the Type-2, huh? It looks like everything's on schedule.)

Mari: Ow, my head...wait, I'm getting dragged into this too?

So that's our next batch of robots and robot pilots: the famous SRX team, here to save us from the hordes of mooks that were posing no challenge anyway.

This is Raidese Fujiwara Branstein and his R-2. It may look like a chunky piece of junk but thanks to everyone in Rai's extended family being A CHAR, it's actually a highly agile sniper.

His pilot skills also include "Genius", which in this game causes him to level up faster, in addition to extremely high-for-his-level versions of Sword Cut and Shield Defense (guess what that does).

Ryusei Date, the loud and obnoxious mecha fanboy to Rai's quiet, angry professional, is piloting the R-1, a transforming real robot-type equipped with guns and psychic punches. His most notable skill aside from Psychic Energy (the same thing Leona has, note) is Guts. If memory serves, this allows a character to survive being shot down at critical HP once per level.

And this is Ingram Pliskin and the R-Gun Powered. As you can see it's mostly a flying artillery piece, and its pilot is--

Ingram: --shouldn't you be playing the game and not gossiping?

I think everyone reading this already knows the plot, Ingram.

Ingram: Then let's not bother telling them. It's a waste of time.


Hey, Ingram has Psychic Energy in this version. I wonder if--

Ingram: These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.

Moving along...

BGM: Ice Man

Rai: Well, if the Major says, I might as well take these guys out.


Sadly R-Wing only gets boring gun attacks. At least they're effective, and he won't have to traipse around in the ocean.

BGM: Time Diver

Ingram: Go, T-LINK Boomerang!

Gosh, he's so stoic and dreamy.

Musashi: Alright, this is overkill, but I finally get to do it! Plus apparently there's a fan here to watch, so I might as well show off. Let's go!


Ryusei: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Okay, you know what? The rest of the level is just uneventful mop-up. I split my forces and they elimnate the remaining flying demon squid things with no problem.

You get the idea.


Kouji: So I know you guys. Nice job out there.
Jinguuji: It happens. Every week, just about.
Ryouma: Yeah, we know how you feel. Although don't you usually work with someone else?
Jinguuji: You know how it is. Nobody calls him unless a monster of the week shows up.
Sayaka: *sage nodding*
Kouji: But anyway, who were those other guys?

Ryusei: My name's Ryusei Date, and can I just say what an honor it is and how lucky I am to see Mazinger Z and Getter Robo fighting together like this? Because really I--
Kouji: Hey man, breathe. Breeeeathe...
Ryusei: I'm sorry, I just...super robots are the best things ever, and to fight alongside them like this...

Ingram: Down, Ensign Ryusei. Sorry. What he means to say is that we're Federation test pilots. Like Ms. Garstein, here.

Leona: *angry worrying over how this guy knows who she is and THIS PRESSURE*
Ingram: *smug plotting thoughts about THIS PRESSURE*
Mari: *wondering what the THIS PRESSURE joke means because she's from a pre-Gundam show*

Ingram: If you'll excuse us. Ryusei, Rai, let's go.
Rai: *only line of dialog in this entire scene*
Ryusei: Oh, wait a minute, I wanted to get a picture with Mazinger and Getter...


Kouji: So wait, who were those guys? Leona, did you know them?
Leona: Not the guy who kept giving me the creepy eye, but the quiet one's actually my cousin.
Kouji: Wait, seriously? How come he didn't talk to you?
Leona: Partly because that's something that was established in a different continuity and isn't technically canon here, but mostly because he's always like that.
Ryouma: Sheesh, I guess the name of his theme song makes sense.

Hayato: To answer your question, those were there members of the SRX Project: the Federation's top-secret plan to create the ultimate Super Robot.
Kouji: Super Robot? Those things looked more like mobile suits...and anyway, how do you know so much?
Hayato: The Feds borrowed a lot of ideas from Saotome. He used me as a messenger boy a couple of times. Plus, I actually read my script ahead of time.

Jinguuji: That's nice. Also crazy. We're just going to get back to Mutropolis now...
Mari: But we didn't even establish which show we're from.
Jinguuji: Let's be honest, no one cares until the main robot shows up. Stupid Akira.

Whew. Sorry if that was a dull level. I promise things will pick up next time, when people from the Real Route show up and we start in on what can loosely be considered the plot! Plus, we'll have people from a show Americans actually watched and liked! Well, American Nineties Kids.

Duo Maxwell: Excuse you but what is Nineties Kid about a giant black robot with a laser scythe piloted by a kid dressed as a priest?

Goodnight everybody!

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